My morning routine.

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i feel so sorry for earth.
we destroy everything.

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do you ever think about who might have held that dollar in your pocket before you? it could have been a stripper or obama or your soulmate like wow who knows

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Hello <3


Hey guys, it’s me, anni! :)
And this is my new blog, it will be all about a healthy lifestyle, fitness and food ^-^
I decided to create this, because I decided to begin to love myself!

I had a few serious bad thought about myself and especially about my body and I don’t want to stuck in this!
So my descision: taking care about my health (for my body AND mental)! :)

So I’m starting my very own journey :)

*visit my other personal/thoughts blog anni-asks-the-way*

specially for the few fitblr, who are following me! :)) go and check it out :*

general problem ^-^’


Woah! I almost gave a fuck.


Phew! That was a close one.

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All Time Low | Therapy.

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